Photo of Charles Koker

Pastor Charles Koker

Message From the executive director

The African Australian community is growing in Australia and the ACT. We are excited to unveil our Strategic Plan which will dictate the direction of the Association for the next five years. Our strategic goals focus on catering to our budding community and developing our resources so that every need is met for all community members, from toddlers to seniors, through establishing three strategic goals: Cultural Identity through Performing arts, Advancement and Empowerment of African performing artists, Resource Diversification and Organizational Sustainability through Good Governance.  The Association aims to provide exceptional Performing art programs in a manner that meets social and cultural needs of the Community. 

Building on our Community’s rich cultural identity to promote and create communal solidarity is the Association’s first strategic pillar. Through the promotion of African Performing arts, we can create a sense of belonging, reduce social isolation, foster inter-generational learning and support capacity-development and civic participation among African Australians over the next five years. Advancement of Culture and Empowerment of those with vulnerability through African Performing arts will always be a priority of the Association. As a strategic pillar, the Association aims to nurture and advance the lives of our young and old through creative Performing arts and initiatives that empowers and promote gender equality, provide access to employment and career pathways. Provide support for Artistic skill development and career opportunities, as well as improve settlement experience and outcomes which would lead to full participation and quality of life for African Australian performing artist in the ACT and the Wider Australian community. 

Image, sustainability and public trust is paramount to an organization’s success and we aim to operate efficiently, engage in and diversify initiatives, mitigate risk and safeguard the financial credibility and reputation of the organization and its members. We understand that financial health, resource diversification and strong policy guides resource mobilization which in turn translates to a healthy organization that can provide the best programs and services that the African Australian community deserves.

The Association is aiming for change and progress over the next five years. Our strategic plan will guide and give direction to the programs and services that the Association offers, in a manner that serves and enhances the quality of life of our stakeholders. We are dedicated to being supportive and impactful, and do so with creativity, resilience and innovation. We commit to keeping on top of our goals to ensure that our community feels safe, included, and supported.