A record of contribution to the ACT and Australian society

Our Awardees share  these major traits in common-diligence in what they do and an unwavering commitment to the economic and social growth of the ACT and Australia as well as its envied pedigree as a melting pot of cultures and a bastion of harmonious diversity. 

Ebenezer Banful (Left)

African Community Ambassador Award 2015 Ebenezer Banful is a lawyer who has been an active advocate for African culture and multiculturalism since 1988. He worked for several years as Senior Policy worked for several years as Senior Policy Officer and Adviser on Multiculturalism in the Chief Minister’s Department. Ebenezer was honoured for his immense contributions in conveying & representing the interests and concerns of African Australians to the wider communities in Australia and the ACT.

Tich Pasipanodya (Left)

Human Rights & Human Services Award 2015 Tich Pasipanodya is a lawyer & currently the Principal Solicitor of Prudential Legal Solutions. Tich is also a Liaison Officer between Legal Aid ACT & the African Community in Canberra & has worked to establish networks & build rapport with key stakeholders in African communities. He was honoured inter alia for his efforts in initiating a range of social, sporting and educative activities to promote social inclusion among African communities in the ACT.


Community Initiative Award 2015 Amer Manyuon won the lottery this year. She did not have to but on her initiative she proceeded to show what a golden heart she has. On her initiative she helped not only many of her relatives, but her generosity knew no bounds as it extended to churches and people facing financial difficulties. Amer was honoured in recognition of her championing initiatives, including charities or events to enhance the welfare of some African Australians.

Fatima Killeen

Professional Excellence Award 2015 Fatima Killeen, is an artist that creates Arab & Islamic paintings, collage & Muslim printmaking art from Morocco. She studied painting & printmaking at ANU graduating with a First Class Honours and three Graduation Awards. Since then she has taken part in group and solo exhibitions in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne. She was honoured for her distinguished professional service to the general community through her years of active advocacy for African Art forms

Susan Nicol (Left)

Friend of Africa Award 2015 Susan is a social worker working with Koomarri. Susan has a strong sense of social justice and many who know her attests to her sense of empathy and identification with African causes. Susan was honoured for her compassionate mien,strong affinity and friendship to Africans & African Australians in the ACT through genuine commitment, personal contributions, kind gestures and sustained relationships she has built that goes beyond the dictates of normal social graces.

Charles Coker (Left)

Community Leader Award 2015 Charles Coker has being outstanding in promoting African culture in the ACT. In 2014 he was the National Multicultural Festival official spokesman. A drummer and community leader per excellence, Charles has been very active in the leadership of the Sierra Leonean community and has been involved in many multicultural initiatives. Charles was honoured for his exceptional leadership in community affairs and causes

White Nile Catering (Left)

African Australian Business Award 2015 White Nile Catering was formed 3-4 years ago. The company comprises of 5 members (all women). Their primary business object is catering. They have been invited to cook African food for attendees during citizenship ceremonies in the ACT as well as Australian Parties conventions. White Nile catering was honoured for their entrepreneurial zeal which saw them develop a thriving catering business that serve the needs of ACT residents & establishments.

South African High Commission

Certificate of Appreciation for an African Embassy/High Commission 2015 A Certificate of Appreciation was awarded to His Excellency, Mr Sibusiso Ndebele the South African High Commissioner and the entire Mission in appreciation of their consular & diplomatic works. The Award was presented to Mr Sibusiso Shezi, the First Secretary: Political.

Odira Ogbaji (Left)

African Australian Investor Award 2015 Odira Ogbaji is an entrepreneur & CEO of Zubus Import & Export Co. He has also consistently supported an African diaspora group in the ACT contributing generously to them yearly in order that they actualise their goals, thereby fostering multiculturalism in the ACT. Odira is being honoured in recognition of his entrepreneurial zeal & creating employment opportunities in his country of birth; & consistently giving generously to an African group in the ACT

Nigerian High Commission

Certificate of Appreciation for an African Embassy/High Commission 2015 A Certificate of Appreciation was awarded to Her Excellency, Mrs Cecilia Yahaya, the Acting High Commissioner of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the entire Mission in appreciation of their consular & diplomatic works.


Afrocentric Entertainer Award 2015 Drumassault consisting of Dan Graetz (djembe), Miles Burns (dundun), Matt Boyd (sangban), India Weir, Emily Oakes & Elizabeth Jenkins (dance) is a Canberra-based group that performs traditional percussion-based music & dance from Guinea, West Africa. Drumassault is a tight group of skilled percussionists & young dancers. Drumassault was honoured for the group’s sustained promotion of African themed entertainment in the ACT, Australia & beyond.

Dr Gaulthier Tshibindi (2014)

Mr Tshibindi is an MD in Canberra, working in two ACT health hospitals. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Biomedical Science and Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in Democratic Republic of Congo. He migrated to Australia in 2005 with his family. Mr Tshibindi currently runs a charity organisation, Australian Medical Aid for Africa which aims to collect recycled hospital equipment and other resources donated by Australian health care institutions and send them to poor hospitals in Africa.

Hanan Ali (2014)

Journalist and author who uses her skills to teach foreign students English, Arabic and Amharic languages. Hanan has worked at the Canberra Islamic School as an Arabic and Islamic Studies teacher, has been employed at The Ambassador & Telegraph Newspapers Melbourne Australia as Senior Writer. Hanan has been nominated for an award in Canberra's Celebrate African Australians for her hard work and dedication to the migrant communities in Canberra and for promoting Arabic publications.

Jackie Mbonzi (2014)

Jackie Mbonzi is a Public Servant in the Community Services Directorate of the ACT Government. She is passionate about community development and has a post graduate diploma in Community Health and Development. Jackie served in the East African Community Association in Canberra as the Secretary for two years. She continued to serve the African Community in Canberra by teaching African dances and choral verses to a group of young girls.


The ACT is brimming with deserving Awardees. Many Australians of African origin living in the ACT have and continues to distinguish themselves in various walks of life. Many businesses also contribute to the African-Australian cause. Nominate an individual or organisation in the ACT for an award today by clicking HERE


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