RATs to be used at Kambah COVID-19 Testing Clinic tomorrow

To ease continuing extensive pressure on the ACT’s public PCR testing system, some sites will be closed and ACT Health will use rapid antigen tests to help meet the need of the community.

ACT Health has secured an initial supply of 10,000 RATs that will be available from 10am to 4pm tomorrow from the Kambah testing centre.

These tests are only available for people who:

If you fall into any of the above categories and need to get a COVID-19 test, you can:

  • visit our Kambah testing centre to receive a RAT kit to take home, or
  • get a PCR test at our Mitchell and Garran testing centres.

Please do not present for testing if you do not fall into one of the above categories.

Kambah will not conduct PCR tests tomorrow and the clinics at Nicholls and Holt will be closed until at least Monday 17 January.

The use of RATs at Kambah is only scheduled for tomorrow (14 January 2022) at this stage while ACT Health awaits further supply of test kits.

ACT Health anticipates its initial stock of RATs is likely to be fully used supporting testing tomorrow, however there is more on the way.

Once more stock is available, further use of RATs will be considered.

People presenting to Kambah to collect RATs tomorrow will be required to complete a declaration upon arrival that they meet the criteria to be tested.

They will be given a pack that includes 2 RAT kits and instructions on when the second test will need to be undertaken, in line with their individual circumstances.

People who return a positive RAT will be required to isolate immediatelyregister their result on the ACT COVID-19 website and follow all further instructions on the website.

The opening hours for all testing sites, including Kambah can be found on the testing page.

Waiting times for these locations are also on the website and are regularly updated.

It is important to note that not all RAT kits can be used on young children and babies, and instructions need to be followed carefully when testing this age group.

For a PCR test on young children and babies in the ACT please visit the Garran testing centre.