Rapid Antigen Test results now reportable through ACT COVID-19 website

Rapid Antigen Test results now reportable through ACT COVID-19 website

People who have recorded a positive Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) are now able to notify ACT Health directly of this result through the ACT COVID-19 website.

The new online reporting form is now available.

A Check In CBR push notification will be sent today to users to let them know the reporting form is live.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr said this change will provide more accurate data, better connect people with care and help alleviate the need to wait in long queues at testing centres as RATs become more available.,

“This new reporting system means ACT Health is now able to track people testing positive to COVID-19 through a RAT and will give us a clearer picture about the spread of COVID-19 in the ACT,” Chief Minister Barr said.

“It will also help to alleviate the long queues we have seen at our testing centres and make PCR testing more readily available for those specific groups that now require it.

“We are working to secure greater supply of tests for the ACT, including the purchase of one million test kits in partnership with NSW and our own orders.”

People with a positive RAT result can refer to the ACT COVID-19 website to follow the instructions on what to do when they have a positive result.

This includes information on isolation as a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 and who you should tell about your positive COVID-19 result.

Acting Minister for Health Chris Steel said people reporting positive RAT results will be able to be linked in with ACT Health support services to manage their illness.

“People who notify ACT Health of a positive RAT result will receive the same supports as anyone who tests positive to a PCR test at an ACT Government clinic,” Minister Steel said.

“Everyone who tests positive will have the option to be enrolled in the COVID-19 Care@Home program, which supports people isolating at home with COVID-19.”

There are a number of vulnerable people within our community who may be eligible for certain treatments.

This includes those who are significantly immunocompromised, pregnant or are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander and aged over 55.

If this applies to you, and you have had a positive RAT result, you should contact the COVID Care@Home team at Canberra Health Services. They will be able to assess your eligibility, and to ensure timely access to treatment if indicated.

Since the initial announcement was made on Saturday that positive RAT results would be reportable online this week, people who have returned positive RAT results have been asked to keep a record of the date of their positive result.

These people should now go and report these so ACT Health has a record of their positive test result and they have the option to be enrolled in the COVID-19 Care@Home program.

Details on COVID-19 Care@Home are available on the ACT COVID-19 website.