Our Programs

Our diverse range of programs are designed to catering to our budding community and developing our resources so that every need is met for all community members, from toddlers to seniors, through our Strategic goals.


This is an annual program that is focused on hunting for young Talented African Performing artists and develop a Mentoring program that will assist them to discover their career pathway in the Performing art industry.

Festival and Performances

Our annual Engagement in the National Multicultural Festival celebrates our rich and diverse African Cultures. We organise African performing art events like Singing, Music, Drumming, Dancing and acting. Our aim is to showcase and promote African performing arts in Australia.

Photo of people seated in circle playing drums


Our workshops and trainings are designed to raise African performing arts student that will focus on topics from Creative writing skills, Voice Control, Movement, Drama and Acting, Singing, music and Drumming.

Children and Young People’s Program

Focuses on Education on African Culture and development of specific African performing art activities that is best for each child and young person. Strategic partnerships with Public Library, Schools and other appropriate venues are part of the Children and young people’s program development. We aim to pass on the good African Culture to our kids and young people through appropriate and Targeted programs and activities.

African Community Performing Arts Development

Engages with African Australian Communities to
develop a vibrant and efficient performing art that promotes individual Community and Cultural identity. We work with African Community Cultural groups to promote African performing arts in Australia.


We function as a backbone for African Performing arts and Cultural information in Australia. We intend to offer a comprehensive web-based calendar of Performing arts, cultural and entertainment events as well as notification by Australia post mail, email and social media platforms for all its programs and activities. 

Honorarium Awards

This is an Annual Recognition African Australian Cultural Awards to distinguished, influential and/or outstanding African Australian Performing Artists and organizations in the ACT and Australia as a whole.