Our Objective

Here you will know why we celebrate African Australians
and also meet the team.

Why celebrate African Australians

African Australians contribute so much to this great country. We have iconic African Australians in sports, medicine, law and entertainment. Several others are captains of industries, entrepreneurs and celebrities. In addition, many serve the government and community in various capacities. Therefore, the aim of Celebration of African Australians Inc (“Celebrate”) is to celebrate, appreciate and showcase the contributions of African Australians to our collective growth and prosperity.

Our Objectives

  • To inspire and motivate African community members to utilise the vast opportunities available to them and promote Australia as a multicultural society. Therefore, it is to celebrate, appreciate, honour, recognise the achievements, Successes and showcase the contributions of African Australians to our collective growth and prosperity.

  • Foster, Create and promote new African Art Projects to reflect African Cultural Heritage, Traditions and Values. To showcase the diverse African Arts and Culture from various African Countries to the Wider Australian Community.

  • To operate a special Public Fund for the principal purpose to build, Rent or acquire properties for the purpose of establishing an ‘African Cultural Centre’, where the public can access and learn about African Arts and Culture, Festivals, Mask, Poets, Crafts, Music and dance, Story Telling, Language and Literature.

  • To organize an international bridging/exchange programs for cultural, educational and tourism.

  • To organizing educational, media and community development projects to Foster African Migrants Integration into Australia Life, Provide Welfare Services, Emergency Relief Support to Most Vulnerable African Migrants. exchange between Australia and Africa where each party will learn about their Culture, Traditions, Arts, Music, Literature and Festivals. Foster Cross Cultural Education between Africa and Australia

  • To conduct, facilitate training, capacity building, employment, apprenticeship, Migrant Settlement Services for African Refugees and Asylum Seekers, volunteerism, community development, environmentally sustainable, health and fitness, multi-media and advocacy.

  • To collaborate with other organizations (public and private sector), professionals, government and multinational agencies to Reduce Poverty, Homelessness and stand for Human Rights of Disadvantaged African Migrants, Refugees and Asylum seekers.

  • Support and develop community-based fundraising events to further the Association’s objects.
  • To establish honorarium and present Awards to distinguished, influential and/or outstanding African Australians in the ACT.
  • To organize sporting events, Mentoring programme, Counselling, camping events, Outreach and other recreational events to engage young African Migrants.

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