Our Aims & Objectives


Our Aim, functions and programming are built on a multi-element vision that seeks to enable and develop experiential and extended African Performing arts practice and programs across diverse African art forms and cultural activities within the ACT and the Wider Australian Community.

To support existing and enable the development of emerging and distinctive African Performing arts and cultural practices, promoting and engaging community-connected outcomes that contribute to the vibrant diversity, and resilience of Australia’s Multicultural

The valuing and appreciation of African Performing arts is embedded across the organisation’s practices and programming. Values the reciprocal cultural learning offered in the Australia through African cross- cultural engagement with Australia’s Performing art industry and entertainment. Our capacity to contribute positively to the Australia’s cultural ecology is empowered through working in partnership across a diverse range of cross-sector performing arts organisations.


  1. To inspire, motivate and Promote African Australian Performing Artists to utilise the vast opportunities available to them and promote Australia as a multicultural society. Therefore, it is to celebrate, appreciate, honour, recognise the Diverse African Performing Arts, Achievements, Successes and showcase the contributions of African Australians to our collective growth and prosperity through African Cultural and Contemporary Music, Dance Performances and Entertainment.
  2. Foster, Create and promote new African Performing Art Projects directly and indirectly to reflect African Cultural Heritage, Traditions and Values. To showcase the diverse African Performing Arts and Culture from various African Countries to the Wider Australian Community. 
  3. The association will establish and maintain a public fund to operate the principal purpose of establishing an ‘African Cultural Centre’, to promote African Artists, Festival, Music, Dance and learn about African Performing Arts and Culture. A Home for African Entertainment. To run the General administration of the Performing arts.
  4. To organize an international bridging/exchange programs for cultural, educational and tourism between Australia and Africa where each party will learn about their Performing Arts. Support and develop community-based fundraising events to further the Association’s objects.
  5. To establish and present Awards, scholarships and prizes to African Australian Performing Artists and Organizations through an open application and assessment process in the ACT and Australia as a whole.