The 2024 awards nominations are now closed.

Awards Eligibility and Selection Criteria

The African Australian Recognition Awards program is an annual award ceremony that recognise and honour the achievements of individuals and community groups who do outstanding things within the Canberra Community and Australia as a whole.

Members of the community are encouraged to nominate those who make them proud to be African Australians.

Winners are announced at the African Australia Awards Dinner event  at Hellenic Club of Canberra, Woden. 1 Matilda St. Phillip ACT 2606.

Awards Categories

The Celebration of African Australian team provides the opportunity to recognise individuals and community groups for the outstanding work they do in the community. There are 10 award categories available for nomination.

The award categories are as follows:

  1. Legendary Community Leader Award: This award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, dedication, and service to their community over a period of time. Recipients of this award are often admired for their significant contributions to improving the lives of others and making a lasting impact on their community.
  2. Community Organization Award: This award honors non-profit organizations or groups that have made outstanding contributions to their community through initiatives, programs, or services aimed at addressing social, cultural, or environmental issues. These organizations demonstrate excellence in community engagement, collaboration, and impact.
  3. Youth Award: The Youth Award celebrates young individuals who have shown exceptional leadership, innovation, and commitment to making a positive difference in their community. Recipients of this award typically demonstrate initiative, resilience, and a strong dedication to addressing issues affecting youth or the wider community.
  4. Business Award: This award recognizes businesses that have demonstrated outstanding corporate social responsibility, innovation, and commitment to community engagement. Recipients of this award often exhibit a strong commitment to ethical practices, sustainability, and making a positive impact on society beyond their core business activities.
  5. Sports Award: The Sports Award honors individuals or teams who have achieved excellence in sports performance or have made significant contributions to the development of sports within their community. Recipients of this award may excel in various sports disciplines and demonstrate qualities such as sportsmanship, dedication, and leadership.
  6. Academic and Professional Excellence Award: This award celebrates individuals who have achieved outstanding success in their academic or professional endeavors and have made notable contributions to their field or industry. Recipients of this award may have demonstrated excellence in research, innovation, leadership, or service within their respective academic or professional communities.
  7. Afrocentric Entertainment Award: This award recognizes individuals or groups within the entertainment industry who have made significant contributions to promoting Afrocentric culture, art, music, or entertainment. Recipients of this award may include musicians, actors, filmmakers, or other artists who celebrate and uplift African heritage and creativity.
  8. Friend of Africa Award: The Friend of Africa Award acknowledges individuals or organizations that have shown exemplary support, partnership, or advocacy for African communities, causes, or initiatives. Recipients of this award may include diplomats, activists, philanthropists, or organizations that have demonstrated a strong commitment to advancing the well-being and interests of Africa and its people.
  9. Volunteer Award: This award recognizes individuals who have generously contributed their time, skills, and efforts to volunteer work in their community. Recipients of this award exemplify the spirit of altruism, compassion, and dedication to serving others, often making significant contributions to addressing social needs, supporting vulnerable populations, or promoting positive change.
  10. Community Service Award: This award celebrates individuals or organizations that have made significant contributions to addressing social, cultural, environmental, or humanitarian issues within the community. Whether through direct service, advocacy, or fundraising efforts, recipients of the Community Service Award are esteemed for their efforts to foster positive change, promote social justice, and uplift those in need.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for an award, the following criteria applies. All nominations will be checked against the criteria before the judging process commences.

  • Nominees must either live, work or volunteer in the ACT
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted
  • Awards will not be granted retrospectively
  • Previous recipients of any Award are ineligible to receive the same Award within a 5-year period
  • Unsuccessful nominees may be re-nominated in subsequent years.

Note: (1). Nominees can be nominated for multiple awards but can only win one award. (2). To be eligible for the Young African Australian of the Year Award, the person must be 16 – 30 years of age as at 8 October 2023.

Selection Criteria

Nominations will provide claims against the five selection criteria listed below, with no more than 300 words in total.

In scoring the nominations, regard is given to the nominee’s achievements in the year immediately prior, alongside their past achievements and ongoing contribution to the African and Australian community. All nominations will be scored on a scale of 1 to 5 against each of the criteria listed below.

The selection criteria includes:

  1. Level of contribution to the ACT and Australian community
  2. Inspires the community as a role model
  3. Level of voluntary contribution beyond paid employment
  4. Length of activity or service
  5. Degree of challenges faced in role and ability to go above and beyone


A selection panel will be created consisting of representatives from Celebration of the African Australian Team and members from the community.

Award winners will be determined by the overall highest total score per award category.

Award nominees will be informed by email and will be encouraged to invite their family and friends to support them to receive their awards at the African Australia Awards Dinner event.

Form submission is now closed.