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Here is  your premier destination for mastering the road! Our specialized driving lessons cater to aspiring learners aiming to secure their provisional license. With a focus on safety, confidence, and expertise, our certified instructor provides tailored guidance, ensuring you’re fully equipped for your P license.

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About us

We specialize in guiding learner drivers who hold a valid learner’s license through the transition to obtaining their provisional license, focusing on automatic car driving. With official government accreditation, our instructors are recognized professionals in providing top-tier driving lessons. Presently serving the Canberra region, our commitment lies in delivering a personalized, easy-to-follow teaching style tailored to meet the unique needs of each learner. Experience a comprehensive and tailored approach to driving education with us.

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Our Services

Discover the flexibility of Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBT&A), also known as the logbook method, with Divine Driving School. Our qualified and supportive instructor empower you to progress naturally, tailoring your learning experience to your pace. Through identifying skill gaps and fostering your development, we ensure optimal outcomes.

Throughout the process, our instructors guide you through the 23 required tasks, signing off on each competency as you successfully master them. The CBT&A method, or logbook approach, liberates you from test deadlines, allowing personalized learning at your convenience.

During your sessions, our instructor assess various crucial aspects, including car operation, slow-speed maneuvers like parking, navigating busy traffic and higher speeds, honing observation skills, hazard management, and fostering a positive driving attitude towards others on the road.

Experience a comprehensive learning journey personalized to your needs with Divine Driving School’s CBT&A method.

If you have a Learner Driver’s License from another place and want to use that time to take a driving test in the ACT, you’ll need to get a record of your license history from that other place. Once you get this record, you have 7 days to give it to an Access Canberra Service Centre. This allows you to book a driving test with an ACT Government examiner.

If you pass the test, you can apply for a provisional driving assessment with an ACT government examiner or choose the Logbook competency method with an ACT driving school. But if you don’t pass, you’ll need to get an ACT learner’s license before trying the test again or opting for the Logbook method in the ACT.

To get your ACT Learner’s license, prepare by completing a 2-day ACT Pre-Learner license course and take the test at one of their centers. Upon passing, you’ll receive a certificate to take to Access Canberra for your ACT Learner Driver License and Logbook issuance.

With the Logbook, family and friends can supervise your driving practice. Opting to fill your Logbook during driving lessons at Divine Driving School allows each hour with our accredited instructor to count as 3 hours toward your Logbook.

At Divine Driving School, we ensure comprehensive Logbook understanding, preparing you thoroughly for your driving test while learning to drive efficiently and effectively.

Why choose us?

Tailored teaching method

Customizing learning to your speed, we pinpoint skill gaps, nurturing your growth for the best results.

Lesson rescheduling

We allow you to reschedule your class unlimited times 24 hours before the lesson start time.

Best Rates

We offer the best and affordable packages to meet every students' needs.

Flexible payment options

You can book our classes and make payment online or in-person with our instructor.

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