2019 Awards Nomination Form
Nominations are now open for the 2019 Awards. We are calling on all Africans, African Australians, Friends and lovers of Africa and the general public to nominate persons and entities for the various Award categories. 


We encourage you, before the closing date, to nominate people who continue to make us proud as African Australians living in the ACT and who contribute positively and significantly to achieve better outcomes for themselves, their community and the broader ACT community.

Your nominees could be people who are well known in the community or ordinary people who go out of their way to make a difference to the ACT society. 


To be eligible for nomination, applicants must:
• be recognised as African or of African heritage (is or was a citizen of an African country; or has at least one parent or grandparent who is or was a citizen of an African country); or is an Australian individual, group or organisation who has contributed to propagating African values or ideals or have consistently supported an African cause
• be Australian residents living in the ACT or organisations with a base in the ACT.
• have been residing in the ACT for a minimum of two years at the date of nomination.

All Nominees must have made a significant contribution and shown excellence over a period of time in the category which they are nominated in.


1. African Australian Diaspora Award
For African Australian or organisations who have made immense contribution to the socio economic development of Africa. This award is presented to African Diasporas visiting home to contribute to Africa Development. 

2. Community Leader Award 
For African Australians who have shown exceptional leadership in community affairs and causes, either in relation to African communities or ACT communities generally.

3. African Australian Youth Leader Award 
For African Australians who have shown exceptional leadership to young Africans in ACT or the ACT communities generally.

4. African Australian Business Award 
For African Australian businesses or entrepreneurs who have developed businesses that serve the unique needs of African residents in ACT 

5. African Community Organisation of the year Award 
For African Community organisations which have demonstrated exceptional dedication, commitment and assistance to their communities in ACT.

6. Community Initiatives Award
For African Australians who have developed or championed initiatives, including charities, events or programs to enhance the welfare or development of the Australian communities in ACT. This category may also include other Australians who have developed or led initiatives, which have assisted African Australian communities. 

7. African Australian Volunteer of the Year Award
For African Australians who have made a mark as volunteers for a cause or causes affecting either the African community in Australia or the general community in ACT. 

8. Sporting Excellence Award
For African Australians who have made significant contribution or achievement in sports in ACT

9. Professional Excellence Award 
For African Australians professionals in ACT who have distinguished themselves in their service to the general community through their professional skills and community commitments.


10. Academic Excellence Award
For African Australians who have achieved excellence in academic endeavours at any level of education.

11. Afrocentric Entertainer of the Year Award
For ACT based groups or individuals who have contributed in a sustained way to African Australian Entertainment internationally, nationally or locally in any art or music form.

12. Human Rights & Human Services Award
For groups, organisations, and individuals, who have made great or outstanding contributions to the promotion, defense or respect for the human rights and other humanitarian needs of African Australians in ACT or Africa.

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