The potential of African drumming lays in its accessibility and inclusivity. People of all ages, backgrounds and abilities can learn to drum quickly: the learning curve is gentle. Basic playing skills can be learnt in a matter of minutes and the music can be easily adapted to any group, being as simple or as complex as you like. Drumming is also about more than music. It exercises both the brain and the body. It teaches us how to work together, how to lead and be creative, and it builds a real sense of community. Drumming empowers, energises, and teaches people a skill that they can be proud of. We’ve seen the transformative nature of drumming first hand in our classes and workshops - it’s what keeps us inspired and passionate about what we do.

  •  Encourages listening skills and interaction

  • Team work skills including confidence and trust

  • Promotes multicultural awareness

  • Stimulates physical and neurological coordination

  • Nurtures improvisation, concentration & creativity

  • Powerful healing and stress relief

  • Sense of belonging and community

  • Immediate sense of achievement

  • Mindfulness and relaxation 

What to Expect with African Drumming ACT and Regions:

An introduction to the world of West African music. We cover a range of applications with lesson plans and strategies so that you leave with road ready skills and a deeper understanding of the musical culture of Africa.

Building on the fundamentals established, we focus on strengthening your musicianship and leadership skills, advancing applications of resources, ensemble development, and adding new rhythms and musical games.

We raise the bar on your musicianship and leadership skills, exploring complex rhythms and arrangements and developing your soloing. You will lead, direct and discover the joys and challenges of facilitating a confident West African ensemble.

About our sessions

African drumming is both a feel-good activity and a learning tool. Students walk away feeling energised with a sense of participation and the satisfaction of being creative as part of a community. Group drumming teaches the benefits of working as a team, with elements of both risk taking and trusting one another. It’s both an individual experience of self-expression and a communal experience of achievement through group harmony, and studies have shown the stress relieving and healing effects that drumming provides. We teach rhythms which are instantly accessible and give an immediate sense of achievement that builds confidence. It’s something to be experienced.

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