African Cultural Centre Project

To be a vibrant and welcoming community cultural organisation providing opportunities for African Performing arts, cultural and African experience in the ACT and Australia

Every penny counts in making this project a success.

About the Center

The African Center will be celebrating Africa through Performing Arts, culture, and Entertainment by being open and accessible to the public, providing African cultural services and programs in visual performing and community arts, education and entertainment programs and cultural development.

Programming of the center

The Centre will run Drumming Workshop and Classes, African Dance Classes, Music Festivals, Promote African Australian Performing Artists, International  Cultural Exchange Programs between Australia and Africa and organizing the Africa Village for the National Multicultural Festival. 


The Centre will develop a Talent hunt  among young African Australians for Professional opportunities as performing artist


The Centre will establish a new theatre  for African Performing Artists and Cultural development. African Community organizations will utilise this center for  performances and Cultural Development



These will focus mainly on African Performing Arts. Professional mentoring in the Performing Arts Sector will help to develop young African Australians to become professional Artist

Children’s Programs

Strong emphasis will be placed on the Centre’s programming for children to learn about Africa Performing arts. As with Workshop programming, Strategic partnerships with the ACT Public Library, Schools and other appropriate venues will form part of the Children’s programming.

Affinity Groups

The centre will help organize and schedule regular meeting space for interest-based performing art small groups. Fostering connections among ACT Multicultural Communities with common interests will be a significant contribution to the operations of the Centre.


The centre will function as a clearinghouse for African Performing arts and Cultural information in Canberra, offering a comprehensive web-based calendar of  performances and Cultural entertainment events as well as notification by mail, email, News Letter and social media for all programs and activities run by the Centre.


The Centre will run a commercial café to support  Artists  and the general administration of the Performing arts Centre. In addition to the general and normal Australian Tea and Coffee, this Centre will introduce some special African Tea and Coffee to the wider Canberran Community (e.g. Kenya Tea, Moroccan Tea etc.)

Take part in this new centre design and development