About Me

Charles Koker

My name is Charles Koker. I am a long serving community leader in the African Community in Canberra And Regions of the ACT. I have had the honor to work with Government, Non-Government organizations, and community leaders across the ACT and Region. I have extensive knowledge of different cultures and the multicultural communities in the ACT. This makes me a better fit to organize your wedding. 

I am married with four children and have a very supportive wife. It has been my greatest desire to become a Marriage Celebrant to help you get the best outcome form you wedding. I want to be able to bring in my multicultural flavour in to the celebrancy business and make it livelier and exiting. I have a profound and eloquent speaking voice.

I am very entertaining and love to make lots of jokes. I can turn a very quiet place into an atmosphere of celebration. My ministerial and multicultural background makes my celebrancy work more professional and also liveable. I am here to work with you and bring to reality your greatest desire for your wedding.