Who We are

We are a Non-for-profit Charitable Organization. We Celebrate Africa  through  Performing Arts. We advocate, Promote Social change and Social Justice through Performing Arts development and  Engagement Practices.


Celebration of African Australians Inc is a Non-For-Profit Charity Community organization. We are established in almost all States and Territories in Australia since 2012. Our main Objectives are to inspire, motivate and Promote African Australian Performing Artists to utilise the vast opportunities available to them and promote Australia as a multicultural society. Therefore, it is to celebrate, appreciate, honour, recognise the Diverse African Performing Arts, Achievements, Successes and showcase the contributions of African Australians to our collective growth and prosperity through African Cultural and Contemporary Music, Dance Performances and Entertainment. 

Our Approach



Our Vision is to celebrate Africa through Performing Arts and Culture and Promote African Australian  Performing Artists


Our mission is to be a vibrant and welcoming community Performing arts cultural Organization providing opportunities for African Artists in Australia