to the Celebration of African Australians Inc.

Upcoming Events

Due to the current lockdown in the ACT, all activities have been postponed till further Notice. However, looking forward to the National Multicultural Festival in February 2022.

Who We Are

Celebration of African Australians Inc. is a Non-For-Profit National organization with
Coordinators in almost all States and Territories in Australia since 2012. Our main
Objectives are to inspire and motivate African Performing artist to utilise the vast
opportunities available to them and promote Australia as a multicultural society where all
ethnic groups have a ‘fair go’ for opportunities and positions. Therefore, it is to celebrate the
Performing Arts, Culture and Traditions of Africa to the Wider Australian Community. We
appreciate, honour, recognize the achievements, Successes and showcase the
contributions of African performing arts to our collective growth and prosperity.

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